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Practicing for beginner students. Part XV.

Напоминаю, на экзаменах дают карточки с темами, которые выражаются либо одним словом, либо одной фразой. 

Если вы учились правильно, этого достаточно, чтобы сдать говорение и автоматически письмо. Всё, что вы можете сказать, вы можете и написать, и прочитать, и понять на слух. Но делать это нужно в освоенных грамматических временах, да, и в любой последовательности. 

Теперь относительно любой темы в рамках уровня BEGINNER движемся из прошлого через настоящее в будущее.


I’m from the era of cassettes and first video players. It was the time when we didn’t have a chance to listen to all kinds of music. Dance music and pop music was really popular. But we could make our own music collections.

I hated chanson and Russian pop. This music was just terrible and I couldn’t understand why people listened to it.

I really liked music from the English speaking world. I could listen to different styles: pop, rock, metal, disco, electronic music…

But when I went to university I discovered fusion. It’s a combination of jazz and rock.


Music is one of my hobbies today and I can listen to everything. But I prefer fusion because it’s the only style of music where I can really hear everything.

I try to listen to a lot of styles and I also try to play the music I like.


In the future it would be great to go to live concerts every weekend. And it would be nice to do this worldwide because there are a lot of foreign musicians I like.

Next weekend I’m going to go to one of my friend’s concert. He’s a drummer in an extremely popular fusion band and thanks God he always invites me. 

It would be also great to learn to create interesting music and to play it with my band.

Попробуйте рассказать о ваших музыкальных предпочтениях.

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