Favourite activities

Favourite activities

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Favourite activities

Practicing for beginner students. Part VIII.

Описываем, что любим, что ненавидим в рамках уровня Beginner.

Наш план.

  • free time activities
  • work
  • hobbies

Оставаясь в рамках этих контекстов, описываем положение вещей и получаем простой монолог.


I love playing basketball. It’s a beautiful team game and you can play inside and outside.
I don’t like playing volleyball but badminton and ping-pong are O.K..
I hate playing football. A lot of hobby players are very aggressive and sometimes really crazy.


I love working in big offices, where there are cool meeting rooms.
I like teaching teenagers.
I hate teaching online. I don’t like sitting in front of my computer screen all day.


I love playing drums and I really like playing with different bands live and in music studios.
I don’t like going to concerts because I always want to be on stage.
I hate copying somebody else’s music. I love creating something new.

Попробуйте описать ваши предпочтения в предложенных контекстах.

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