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Practicing for beginner students. Part XI.

Напоминаю, на экзаменах дают карточки с темами, которые выражаться либо одним словом, либо одной фразой. 

Если вы учились правильно, этого достаточно, чтобы сдать говорение и автоматически письмо. Всё, что вы можете сказать, вы можете и написать, и прочитать, и понять на слух. Но делать это нужно в освоенных грамматических временах, да, и в любой последовательности. 

Теперь относительно любой темы в рамках уровня BEGINNER движемся из прошлого через настоящее в будущее.


When I was 4 years old I visited my family’s friends’ wedding. There were a lot of people and they celebrated for 3 days. On the first day I heard a live band and I loved the sound of live drums. I wanted to go to a music school immediately but my parents said «no».

In primary school I concentrated on ping-pong, badminton and gymnastics. In secondary school and in upper classes I liked playing basketball and doing fitness. But when I got to university I went to a music school and I finally started playing drums.


Today I regularly practice and I play with local bands. I listen to different styles of music but I like playing pop-music, alternative music, lounge and fusion. It’s great to have this hobby because it’s really relaxing and some event companies invite us to popular music festivals and big corporate parties.

I also play basketball, when I have some free time and I really like boxing.


It would be great to become a professional drummer and work worldwide. Combination of working live and playing in professional studios would be perfect. 

To do this I’m going to practice every day and I’m going to play live concerts regularly. I’m also going to book private lessons with professional drummers because I want to play in many styles.

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