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Computer games

Practicing for beginner students. Part XIII.

Напоминаю, на экзаменах дают карточки с темами, которые выражаются либо одним словом, либо одной фразой. 

Если вы учились правильно, этого достаточно, чтобы сдать говорение и автоматически письмо. Всё, что вы можете сказать, вы можете и написать, и прочитать, и понять на слух. Но делать это нужно в освоенных грамматических временах, да, и в любой последовательности. 

Теперь относительно любой темы в рамках уровня BEGINNER движемся из прошлого через настоящее в будущее.


TETRIS was the first computer game I played. I was in secondary school. At that time it was really unusual and interesting. But a couple of years later one of my friends came with the legendary video game console DENDY and we started playing really often.

There were a lot of game cartridges with different games and it was really interesting to play alone and with other players. We even had competitions at weekends.

Thanks God I didn’t get crazy with computer games. At university there were a lot of friends, who played «Counter Strike» and «Heroes». I could only play «Need for Speed» from time to time. 


Today I don’t play any computer games. I don’t even have any consoles. I don’t like sitting in front of the screen any more.


But in the future I would buy Sony playstation because I have a lot of friends, who like playing and who always invite me.

I’m not going to play often but I still like «Need for Speed». I’m going to buy the lates console in a couple of moths and it would be nice to remember old times and to celebrate with a couple of friends.

Опишите вашу историю с компьютерными играми!

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