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Practicing for beginner students. Part X.

Теперь переходим к более интересному формату. На экзаменах дают карточки с темами, которые выражаться либо одним словом, либо одной фразой. 

Если вы учились правильно, этого достаточно, чтобы сдать говорение и письмо. Всё, что вы можете сказать, вы можете и написать, и прочитать, и понять на слух. Но делать это нужно во всех грамматических временах, да, и в любой последовательности. 

Теперь относительно любой темы в рамках уровня BEGINNER движемся из прошлого через настоящее в будущее.


I went to school when I was 6 years old. It was really interesting at first but I had some problems with a couple of subjects. Physical Education (PE) was very difficult for me because the teacher was angry and aggressive all the time, so I hated his lessons.

I changed 4 schools because my family moved a lot. That is why I never meet my school classmates nowadays.

My favourite subject in secondary school was German. It wasn’t a school subject for me. It was my hobby and it was really interesting to read a lot. That helped me to study foreign languages later at university.


Nowadays I teach foreign languages. Every day I speak three languages – English, German and Russian. I try to use all of them and I always read something. I really like books and I hate their digital versions. I always watch movies, serials and educational videos. I even have a plan:

  • two days a week are for English
  • two days a week are for German
  • two days are for Russian
  • Sunday is always for doing nothing.


I would be happy to study something new all the time. There are a lot of things I can’t do but I would concentrate on something I can use at work. 

For example, next month I’m going to start a course for film makers, because I want to learn to create instructional videos. 

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